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The housing market in the Laurelhurst area has been taking off over the last several years. You might be asking yourself "how can I sell my house fast?" As in today, this month or as soon as possible. We give Portland home owners cash for their homes and we're looking to purchase houses in the Laurelhurst area.

With over 1800 households, spread across 428 acres, Laurelhurst is one of the many beautiful areas of Portland. Laurelhurst is a great neighborhood for raising a family, full of nature and community values. A quarter of Laurelhurst is located in southeast while the rest lies in northeast. The area has over 1500 homes most of which are vintage homes including Bungalows, Tudors, and English. Residents have easy access to Laurelhurst Park, a wooded park which includes a soccer field, basketball and volleyball courts, two tennis courts, a horseshoe pit, wading pool, playground, and picnic tables. One of the many notable aspects of the neighborhood is the Laurelhurst theatre which made architectural history in Portland in 1923 as one of the first art deco style buildings of the period. The neighborhood is a beautiful area which brings forward some of the best culture in Portland.

Why Sell to Us?

As many people find out, selling your house can be very expensive and sometimes fairly complicated. With our simple approach we make it easy and take the complications out of selling your Laurelhurst home. There are a number of benefits when working with us, including:

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Laurelhurst Neighborhood in Portland OR

While there are few to no businesses in the heart of Laurelhurst, there are many supermarkets and coffee shops near the boundaries of the neighborhood. The neighborhood is home to a 3.5 mile walk loop and 6 miles of bike lanes. Residents love the neighborhood for its nature and tight-knit community. The old homes and lovely landscape bring forth a culture to anyone who visits.


The Donation Land Act, which was passed by congress in 1850, motivated people to travel west by offering large tracts of land. The area that is now Laurelhurst, was made up of two tracts of land, one belonging to Elijah B. Davidson and his wife Saloma, and the other owned by Terrence and Mary Quinn. In 1869, William S. Ladd began buying up land including the two areas that would one day be Laurelhurst. With this land, Ladd developed one of the most impressive stock farms in all of the West, producing purebred Jersey Cattle which helped to lay the foundation for Oregon's livestock industry.. After Ladd’s death in 1893, the land soon transitioned from farming to residential use. In 1909, the Laurelhurst Company purchased most of the land except the 31 acres bought by the city of Portland for Laurelhurst Park.

Laurelhurst celebrated its 100 year birthday in 2009, and has since continued to prosper with over 1500 beautiful homes.

Real Estate

Many Laurelhurst residents earn a living in downtown Portland, which is only 11-12 minutes away by car. Laurelhurst residents have access to the major city of Portland with professional sports, universities, and markets - while still retaining a cultural feel. Laurelhurst is a great place to live, raise a family, and most of all experience nature. It is a place where nature and culture come together to make a relaxing home. The median value for a home in Laurelhurst is $649,000 as of 2015.

What Types of Houses Do We Buy?
  • Needs Repairs
  • Fire Damaged
  • Unwanted Property
  • Water Damaged
  • Foreclosures
  • Inherited
  • Rental Properties
  • Unfinished Construction
  • Single Family Homes
  • Multi-Family Homes
  • Apartments

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