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Do You Need to Sell Your Bridgeton House Fast?

Bridgeton neighborhood spans across the edge of the Columbia River located in North and Northeast Portland. The neighborhood spans the length of Marine Drive. The area covers a total of .28 square miles and contains a population of around 600 residents. The neighborhood contains a multitude of residency types including row houses, detached houses, apartment and condominium complexes, and houseboats.

The housing market in the Bridgeton area has been taking off over the last several years. You might be asking yourself "how can I sell my house fast?" As in today, this month or as soon as possible. We give Portland home owners cash for their homes and we're looking to purchase houses in the Bridgeton / South East Portland Area.

We have helped several homeowners in the Bridgeton area facing difficult situations such as: needing quick cash, avoiding foreclosure, relocating, moving out of the country, divorce, unforeseen financial problems or being behind on their mortgage and want out. Maybe you have a home that has been nothing but a pain in the neck? Please get in touch so we can help.

Why Sell to Us?

As many people find out, selling your house can be very expensive and sometimes fairly complicated. With our simple approach we make it easy and take the complications out of selling your Bridgeton home. There are a number of benefits when working with us, including:

  • No bank financing
  • No sales commission
  • No fees of any kind
  • No inspections (we're licensed contractors)
  • No waiting, we can get you cash in days

Sell house fast today. If you own a home in the Bridgeton area and are looking to sell today for cash, please contact us today to set up an appointment. We'll make you an all cash offer and take the hassle of selling off of your mind.

Bridgeton Neighborhood in Portland OR

Bridgeton neighborhood is a beautiful and unique place to live. One of Portland’s most famed attractions, the Portland Forty Mile Loop, runs through Bridgeton. This loop offers residents access to fantastic jogging, biking, and hiking. One beauty of Bridgeton is the view of the Columbia River which can be seen from all waterfront properties. Residents also have access to the Jantzen Beach Shopping Center where they can get an abundance of products from plenty of stores. With many families already in the area, Bridgeton is a great place to lay down roots.


The name of the area was originally Faloma after 3 local landowners, Force, Love, and Moore. This was because the U.S. Postal Service originally denied the name Bridgeton because it was “too common”.

Real Estate

You may find an abundance of very different properties from luxury homes to bungalows. The area is primarily made up of post-war homes. While there are varying home prices, he average price per home is 350k. At average property is sold at 190 dollars per square foot.

What Types of Houses Do We Buy?
  • Needs Repairs
  • Fire Damaged
  • Unwanted Property
  • Water Damaged
  • Foreclosures
  • Inherited
  • Rental Properties
  • Unfinished Construction
  • Single Family Homes
  • Multi-Family Homes
  • Apartments

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