Sell Your House To Us

We Offer All Cash & Close Fast

No matter what the condition of your home is, we will buy it for a fair price. We love buying houses that need work, so if this is a concern of yours don't worry! We pay for closing costs and handle all of the paperwork at no cost to you. We always make all cash offers so there's never a need for a bank to get involved, as we don't have to meet any criteria.
We respect your personal situation, and your needs are our top priority. Over the years we have helped many families through different situations get back on there feet financially, or simply sell a house that has become a thorn in their side. There are never any fees for the seller. Remember it doesn't cost a thing to contact us and get a free offer.


Sell Your House Fast

We pay the top prices in the Portland area and close in seven days or less. We'll set up all the paperwork we pay all closing costs, including inspection fees. In short, we make it simple for you. We're different from the other guys in that we have our own construction company, so fixers and other properties that have issues are right up our alley. We love what we do, taking houses that need some TLC and making them look great again. We're small, we're local to the Portland area, and we have the ability to buy your house fast. And there are a great many benefits of selling your house for cash! Feel free to contact us today for your free, no obligation offer!